Wolf Tales

A tale told by two women, one of them the author telling tales of wolves in modern Spain. The other a peasant shepherdess in the year 1305, where life is hard, conflict is everywhere, and wolves still roam wild in our lands, but not for long, as their extermination is by order of the king. These threads are woven intricately together, creating a tapestry of what was, what is and what could be in our relationship to wolf. (20 minutes in length)

Arenal Volcano In Costa Rica

The Legend of Fire Heart Mountain

Coming Soon! This story tells us how we got here. Into this mess. It’s a weave between a modern day right of passage and creation myth. Watch this space!


A Tale of two Farms / The Herdsman 

Also coming soon! The herdsman Charles didn’t alway work here at the Ethical Dairy. Previously he worked down the road at a brand spanking new intensive dairy farm. The later however took its toll on him. Through his journey we come to understand what the economic pressures of cheap food are doing to farming, and what the alternatives might be.