The Herdsman


The herdsman Charles didn’t alway work here at the Ethical Dairy. Previously he worked at a brand spanking new intensive dairy farm. The latter however took its toll on his well-being. Through his journey we come to understand what the economic pressures of cheap food are doing to farming and what the alternatives might be. It also helps us understand the connection between well-being of land, animal and human.

Below is an interview I did with Farmerama about the essential nature of Storytelling and Myth in order for us to access and express ALL of who we are as human beings. Below that is an audio of THE HERDSMAN

The Handless Maiden: Wisdom, women & the Woods


After 4 years searching for words to express the value of our ancient woodlands in a world where ‘nature as commodity’ means we justify cutting them down… Georgia’s story – traditional fairytale entwined with trickster wit and wisdom – tells how the power of the feminine is redeemed by wild nature.

Wolf Tales


A tale told by two women, one of them the author telling tales of wolves in modern Spain. The other a peasant shepherdess in the year 1305, where life is hard, conflict is everywhere, and wolves still roam wild in our lands, but not for long, as their extermination is by order of the king. These threads are woven intricately together, creating a tapestry of what was, what is and what could be in our relationship to wolf. (20 minutes in length)