wild life under erasure

by Georgia Wingfield-Hayes


acorn, adder, ash and beech,
blackberry, bluebell, bramble and brook,
buttercup, catkin, clover and conker,
cowslip, cygnet, dandelion, fern,
fungus, gorse, hazel and her nut,
heather, heron, holly and horse chestnut,
ivy, kingfisher, lark and magpie,
minnow, newt, even our beautiful otter,
pansy, pasture, poppy and porpoise,
primrose, raven, starling and stoat,
stork, sycamore, thrush and weasel,
violet, willow, wren are all thought,
not necessary for our children to learn,
so the Oxford children’s dictionary
removed them from sight, from consciousness,
from knowing, as we take another step,
away from our wild-selves into the corporate net

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